Twitter Acquires MoPub for $350m (AngelPad #1)

(via Forbes)

Twitter has acquired mobile advertising startup MoPub, the companies announced Monday, 9/10/13.
The companies did not disclose a price but TechCrunch reported that the deal was valued at about $350 million in stock.

MoPub, with 100 employees, has a mobile advertising exchange and helps companies automate the management of various ad networks.

Mopub was part of the first AngelPad cohort in the fall of 2010. To date, this is the largest exit to come out of any incubator in recent years. Twitter is a giant platform with a lot of reach across the board, with many creatives using it to promote their creations. Not only that, but people will often use it as a cross platform option, going to find out here about boosting their content on Instagram whilst they put their posts there on Twitter’s dashboard for that double hit. Businesses who are going to use a growth platform for sites like Instagram should exercise a reasonable amount of caution, and do their research before choosing a service to use. As this Instazood testimonial suggests, not all sites will deliver on the growth they offer you. That being said, Twitter is one of the largest social networks out there and seems to be doing just fine by itself without any external help. Obtaining MoPub will likely be a massive help for the business, as their social skills and technical ability will no doubt be a great asset for them to make use of, especially as Twitter grows from strength to strength as time goes by. However, those businesses that use Twitter to reach out to their customers may want to check out Tweepi reviews to build their following so they can get on the same level as their business competition because Twitter will definitely keep going.

It is both sad and heartening to see a company that was a part of our cohort be a part of this joining. Apparently they were looking into getting a virtual office (see Your Virtual Office London for an explanation) so they could market their services overseas. As Twitter already has offices in multiple countries, perhaps this turn of events will turn out good for them. Hopefully, it will be mutually beneficial to them as well as their new owners, but time will tell on that front. Either way, it is a sign of the changing times that we all live in, and the changing online space that we all inhabit.