AngelPad is a seed-stage accelerator program based in NYC and San Francisco. In the past 8 years we have launched more than 150 companies in 12 cohorts. Every 6 months we select about 20 teams from a huge pool of applicants (usually around 4000) to work with us.

As the pool of applicants is this wide, it is very likely that people from all over the world will be applying to work with us. In turn, this usually means that they may need to relocate to either NYC or San Francisco to make them eligible. Of course, some people may be able to travel daily from their hometown by using companies like Jettly to organize private jet charters when they need them, which could work perfectly in this situation. Regardless of where they come from, individuals from all walks of life will be united as one to improve the overall success of the business, which makes us very excited for the future.

What’s different about AngelPad?
While others have decided to “scale” and take on more companies or launch more cities, we have stayed true to our original goal: Find a bunch of awesome companies with founders we would like to work with and spend three very intense months with them. This focus has paid off, AngelPad has risen to be the #1 Accelerator in the U.S. (at least that’s what a real study from MIT/Brown University says) and Strictly VC called us the “Anti-Y Combinator”.

During the program, we work on everything, really, everything. From finding product market fit, defining a target market to getting first validation for the company. This might also include having a product reviewed on sites like to make sure that it has a positive reputation online and within the target market. People should be able to find it online and see it as quality and feasible compared to other products alike. Features like this are vital to bringing success to the business and the products or services being sold.

We also help advise on elements like marketing. Does your product require an SEO consultancy like ClickSlice to boost the chance of customers finding the product? Would a social media hashtag campaign work better? Do you need further help with setting up a social media presence? Perhaps you would need walking through services like Growthsilo to give you an initial boost, or to know which approach is the best for organic growth. We talk through matters like these to make sure companies make the choices that are right for them. We are also instrumental in helping companies prepare for fundraising and of course for our investor demo day.

Who is behind AngelPad?
AngelPad is Thomas Korte and Carine Magescas, a husband-and-wife founder team, who met working at – what else – a Startup back in 2001 in San Francisco. Ever since then, they have been joined at the hip in both their personal and professional lives, bringing them closer together in every sense of the word. Sometimes working with your spouse can be difficult, but for Korte and Magescas, their relationship has improved, and they have even found a safe way to unplug when it comes to what they get up to in their private life. Because of their unbreakable bond, their business will undoubtedly go from strength to strength. Business Insider Profiled them in this article: “Meet Carine Magescas & Thomas Korte, the husband-and-wife team whose early bet on Postmates just led to a $2.65 billion Uber acquisition”

Carine founded an e-commerce Startup in 2003 after working in Engineering, Strategic Alliances and Marketing at several pre-IPO startups. In 2017 she was nominated “Angel Investor of the Year” at TechCrunch’s 10th Annual Crunchies Awards. She has continued to invest over the years and is now using tools like Bitcoin Trader as a way to make more money off her investments. The tools allow her to make better decisions when it comes to trading and she can also set up automated trading if she wants. If anyone else would like to get started with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, it might be worth looking for one of the best brokers unter diesem Link (with this link). A good broker can help people to find the best deals, ensuring that they save as much money as possible. From there, people can trade their cryptocurrency, just like Carine does. Apart from tech, Carine also managed to find time to become an accomplished fine art photographer, with gallery representation in the US and Europe. She has multiple solo and group exhibitions under her belt – in New York, London and San Francisco.

Thomas was Google’s first International Product Manager, responsible for all the Google Product Launches in Europe dating back to 2002. He spent 7 years at Headquarters and was at the origin of Adwords, Google Maps and Google Shopping. He is the author of two patents which are still a crucial part of Google search ranking and ads monetization products. Thomas is known for his vision and creative ideas.

Who are the mentors at AngelPad?
AngelPad does not have “mentors” – well, we do, but in a different way. We don’t believe in the “one-size-fits-all” advices that founders only get when they meet with mentors once and even find damaging contradictory advices founders often get from different mentors. A startup, especially through the intense three months of an accelerator, moves very quickly – things are tried, changed, modified, tried again every day and a mentor has to be part of that daily journey to be valuable. At AngelPad Carine and Thomas work alongside the startup founders every day. We roll up our sleeves and figure stuff out – everything – together with the founders.

There are a lot of “Friends of AngelPad” who come spend time with us during each session. Really, really smart people who we have known for a long time and trust to provide valuable insights.

Apply to AngelPad or read one of our alumni’s “Insider Scoop to AngelPad” or “What happens at AngelPad